SEDSU at Lund University

Mats Andrén
Studies imitation and mimesis in child-parent interaction (ontogenetic part of workpackage 5 within SEDSU).

Ingar Brinck
Working on gesturing and reference in apes and humans from developmental and evolutionary perspectives, in relation to Workpackage 5 and 6, and also on linguistic reference as such. Her approach is theoretical, linking together experimental results from different disciplines to explain empirical phenomena. More specifically she has published on intentional communication, attention and joint attention, pointing, perceptual demonstratives, self-consciousness, intersubjectivity, and co-operation.

Peter Gärdenfors
Working with the role of collaboration for communication and cognition in relation to mimesis and intersubjectivity (Workpackage 5 and 6).

Mathias Osvath
Working with dyadic interactions and primary intersubjectivity within apes and humans. (Workpackage 6).

Göran Sonesson
Working with the emergence of the sign function in pictorial and other iconical representations (Workpackage 3) and leader of Web-package 7, i.e. "Theoretical conclusions". Particularly interested in relating empirical findings to the framework of modern semiotics, and vice-versa.

Jordan Zlatev
Project leader for SEDSU-Lund and Workpackage Leader for WP6. Working on motion event typology in relation to spatial categorization and gesture (WP4), mimesis and gesture (WP5) and mother-child interaction in humans and apes (WP6).

Associated members:
Gisela Håkansson

Sara Lenninger

Tomas Persson

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