SEDSU at Lund University

The SEDSU project consists of a number of work packages (see What is SEDSU). Within every work package there are different tasks, and related to them, different deliverables, to be reported to the EU by a certain date.

SEDSU Deliverable 22 Report:
Andrén, M. & Zlatev, J. (2007). Relations between mimesis and language in ontogeny: Studies in children’s bodily communication Lund University: Centre for Languages and Literature. August 31, 2007.

SEDSU Deliverable 9 Report:
Osvath, M. (2006). Analysis of Mother-Child Interaction. Lund University; Cognitive Science.

SEDSU Deliverable 7 Report:
Brinck, I., Zlatev, J. & Andrén, M. (2006). An applied analysis of attentional intersubjectivity. Lund University; Centre for Languages and Litterature.

SEDSU Deliverable 5 Report:
Zlatev, J., Andrén, M. & Osathanonda, S. (2006). A video-linked Thai/Swedish child data corpus: A tool for the study of comparative semiotic development. Lund University: Centre for Languages and Literature. March 28, 2006.

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