SEDSU at Lund University

SEDSU - Stages in the Evolution and Development of Sign Use
Welcome to the homesite of the Lund University part of the SEDSU project, which involves:

  • Centre for Languages and Literature
  • The Department of Cognitive Science
  • The Department of Philosophy
  • The Department of Semiotics

  • This group is informally referred to as SEDSU-Lund. The global project involves a number of other European universities and the homesite is available at See the What is SEDSU? section on this site for more information.

    2007 August 31
    Deliverable 22 is now available.

    2007 June
    The first conference of the Swedish Association for Language and Cognition (SALC) will be held at Lund University, from 3 p.m. on 29 November till 7 p.m. on 1 December, 2007. The general homepage of SALC is available here.

    2006 June 20
    The conference homepage Comparision and Interaction between Semiotic Resources in Evolution and Development is launched. Click here to view it.

    2006 Apr 21
    We're proud to announce: Comparision and Interaction between Semiotic Resources in Evolution and Development, to be held in Lund 29-30 September 2006. Plenary speakers: Terrence Deacon and Jean Mandler. Preceeding the conference, an internal SEDSU meeting will be held on September 27-28.

    2006 Feb 10
    Jordan Zlatev will present the rationale and ongoing research of SEDSU at EVOLANG06 in Rome on 12-15 April 2006. Full paper for the presentation is available as PDF. A small SEDSU meeting will be held 12/4 in association with this.

    2005 Dec 5-6
    SEDSU Marseille Meeting. Read the agenda here. (available as a Word Document)

    2005 Apr 1
    Official start date of the SEDSU project.

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